Where’s the new car?

If you delve a few months in this blog, you will find my post on my next car. This post detailed what my next car would be and why exactly. That car being a Subaru Impreza WRX. Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you.

We’ll get this out of the way first. No, I don’t have a WRX yet. My goal was to have it by the end of 2017, and enjoy it for the winter. Unfortunately thats not the case, and most likely won’t be as the clock ticks down for 2017.

So where’s the new car? Well, if the world went my way (and I wish it did), it would be parked right outside. I’m not going to go into depth to explain how hard it is to find the right car at the right price, with the right amount of miles. Especially when it has to be a very specific car, that happens to be in high demand. Let’s just say its pretty hard, especially when you’re like me who refuses to buy a car that was blatantly abused and neglected. I figure that if I have gone through the trouble I have to work as much as possible, and save as much as possible, then the car I chose, will be a car that I am not settling for. And if that means I have to wait, then wait I will.

Back to where the world seams to not go my way. Two cars have been in the slim few that have made my cut to be worthy of my next car. The first was a 2011 white one owner WRX hatchback limited trim. This car was it, leather seats, sunroof, and low miles (92k). The test drive went as planned, and the price was right. My only mistake, not putting a deposit on it. What I have saved is enough for half the cost, so the other half needs to come from a loan, which needed approval from a bank. And in the midst of that, the car was bought up by another, pre-approved buyer. A mistake I will not make again.

Now to car number two. I spotted this one a couple weeks later, and was actually happy now that I hadn’t been able to buy the white hatch. This one was my perfect combo, a 2011 World Rally Blue and Hatchback. The price was just about the same as the white hatch and was also a one owner with only 86k miles. I knew this was the one already, and only needed to see it in person to confirm, and put the deposit on it. I gave them a call on a Saturday to make sure they still had it, and they did. I worked the following Sunday so I was un-able to go in and check it out, but I had made plans to go down on the up coming Monday. Yes, I was serious enough to skip class to purchase this car. Blue Hatchbacks with one owner and in my price range don’t come often, and it was the perfect match to my favorite WRX. But it was when I called in on Sunday after work to check in and make sure it hadn’t sold that I was given bad news. The car was being test driven and the buyer was from Vermont (serious buyers will travel for a car, and this car was worth traveling for). When I called an hour after to see how it went, I was notified that it sold. I wasn’t surprised, but I was shocked. I really felt that I had found the one, and now I was back to tiresome search for another car.

As much as it hurts seeing the car you dream of being sold before you have the chance, I make sure to always remember that there will always be another one, it just takes patience. It’s most important to not settle for a car that was neglected and will end up giving you problems and headaches. I check every day for new listings in as many places as I can, and check the dealerships in NH that I know always carry a couple WRX’s. When everyone asks me where my car is, they don’t understand the work that actually goes into buying a specific car, and one thats used. Not everyone takes care of their car, and for every 8 potential WRX’s that I would consider, only 1 has been cared for and in the condition that I consider to be worth purchasing. But until the day I sit in my dream car with the keys and title, one things for sure, I will be doing the most I can to find that car, and get my hands on it before someone else can.


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