YouTube: Not Just a Place For Cat Videos


We live in a day where information has never been easier to access. With a connection to the internet, you can find just about anything your heart desires. As a car enthusiast, one can look no further than YouTube to find a myriad of great and entertaining content geared towards motorheads.

YouTube contains a lot of random car videos, so it can seem hard to find consistent quality content. Over the years I have found some channels that never disappoint me, and I always check on a daily basis. Just by watching these channels, I have been able to greatly expand my knowledge in the car world, and develop a strong passion for cars. Below is a list of these channels and a description on the type of content they produce.

Rob Dahm:

Rob’s channel is one of the oldest that I have been following that focuses towards cars. He originally posted a mixture of business advice and videos about his Lamborghini Gallardo, but now his channel has grown into solely content focusing on cars. He is famous in the car culture for his four rotor Mazda RX-7 build which is currently in the process of being built. He also has a three rotor RX-7 that spits flames and is insanely fast.


ThatDudeinBlue creates the majority of his content off of car reviews from his very own channel viewers. The types of cars vary muscle cars, sports cars, luxury cars and many more. This is one of my favorite channels because he is able to upload videos multiple times a week and maintain quality content.

Engineering Explained:

If you love cars, and haven’t heard of Engineering Explained, boy are you missing out. This channel is a goldmine for information on everything car related. Jason (the channel owner) has a degree in mechanical engineering, and has chosen to share his vast knowledge on car mechanics in the YouTube world through his channel. He makes it incredibly easy to follow and understand the mechanics of many components of cars, and also concepts. This channel is certainly the most educational that I have stumbled upon, and I value the knowledge that it offers.


TrackRecord is a co owned channel of two dudes who own a 2017 Subaru WRX, and a 2016 Mustang GT. The channel contains updates on their progress in their builds and a more personal view of what it’s like to own such cars.

Alexander Vargas:

Alexander Vargas made his channel when he got his hawk eye Subaru WRX. He was able to afford his car by working very hard and saving up, and ultimately bought his car for $15,000 while still in highschool. His channel also gives a more personal view on the daily life of driving a wrx, and has also shifted into a vlog style channel. He currently has his wrx on bags, which when fully aired out makes it just barely sit above the ground. Personally, I don’t agree with it, but it does make for some pretty aggressive looking camera shots.

Ivy Films:

Ivy Films is a very high quality content channel. He makes cinematic edits of various cars that have some very clever transitions and music choice. They’re usually so good that I will re-watch them, and even come back later to watch them. Some of my favorite edits on the channel are Risky Business, Street Sweeper S2K, Soul Eating 350z, and Straight Piped Ferrari F430. In most of his videos he also incorporates a mini plot to video which adds even more to the overall quality. If you love cars, I guarantee you will love this channel, and the feeling you get from watching his videos.

These are just a handful of the many channels on YouTube that offer some great content to keep your itch for car entertainment satisfied. Because there is a large amount of such channels, you can be sure that you can find the specific content you are searching for right down to a specific car. I wish I could elaborate on all of my favorite channels, but this post would become ridiculously long, so here are some honorable mentions that I feel deserve mentioning.

Salomondrin, SmurfinWrx, /Drive, fifthgear, Car Throttle, ChrisFix, Gears and Gasoline, Donut Media, and TheHoonigans.

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